We typically invest between £3million and £10million per transaction. We invest in UK private companies, which are usually profitable and valued in the range of £5million to £30million. We tend to focus on deals towards the Southern half of the UK but will always ‘get on our bike’ for the right deal!

We typically look for transactions where Roycian will become the majority owners of the company, but also look at minority positions with ‘significant influence’ in certain circumstances. We look at all later stage transactions, involving well established businesses, including backing management teams in buyouts, growth capital, acquisition capital (including buy and builds) and founder equity release situations, as well as certain other “special situations” transactions.

We are generalist investors, meaning that we are relatively sector agnostic, and are comfortable in some of the more traditional, established industries as well as looking at some of the younger, more fast-moving sectors.

We have experience in starting, building and managing private companies ourselves, as well as holding senior positions in both M&A advisory firms and Private Equity firms, giving us a well-rounded view of private equity transactions. We appreciate that much of what we do is about relationships and people, and not just numbers on a screen. Being professional and honest is core to everything we do. We always look for partnerships and collaborations with others looking for the same.

We offer something different to institutional private equity. We are not bound or limited by fund rules or committees – we make our own decisions, and you deal directly with the decision makers. We can be patient with our capital where the situation demands it and we always seek to do what is best for the company and all the shareholders, as opposed to what might be best for a PE fund.